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Venezuela Weekly: Bachelet to Visit this Week

The much anticipated visit holds significant potential for altering Venezuela’s political stalemate as Bachelet was personally invited by Maduro and as a two-term president of Chile, and was part of the regional “pink tide” of leftist governments. This has generated all sorts of opposition conspiracy theories regarding her bias as well as painfully heteronormative calls for her to avoid being “seduced” by Maduro. But all indications are that she will pull no punches.

Jun. 6
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5 Takeaways from U.S. Individual Sanctions: a Key to U.S. Strategy in Venezuela

As the crisis in Venezuela drags on and Nicolás Maduro continues to cling to power, many in Washington are evaluating ways to put additional pressure on actors in the government. While some have suggested that it is time to begin pursuing indictments against figures in Maduro’s inner circle, so far the U.S. government has relied on offers of relief to key sanctioned figures to get them to flip. A look at events in recent weeks suggests there is increasing evidence that these offers of sanctions relief—a much more flexible tool than indictments—have advanced the dominant U.S. strategy of sowing divisions around Maduro.