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Aug. 21
3 min read

Region Responds to the Side-Lining of Venezuela’s National Assembly

On August 18, Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly (ANC) unanimously approved a decree in which the body assumed legislative authority over key issues facing the country. While the Venezuelan government has taken pains to assert that the move does not technically constitute the “dissolution” of the opposition-controlled National Assembly—the country’s legislative branch—the…

Aug. 14
3 min read

Venezuelan Civil Society Groups Reject Military Intervention, Actions that Entail ‘More Suffering’

On August 12, 33 Venezuelan human rights organizations signed a joint statement rejecting President Trump's threat of a possible "military option" to address the situation in Venezuela. As the signing organizations note, a military intervention would likely aggravate human suffering at a time when the country is already grappling with…

Aug. 10
2 min read

WOLA Applauds Regional Rejection of Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly, Calls for the Restoration of Democracy, and Regional Support for Negotiation

On August 8, representatives of 12 countries across the Americas issued a joint rejection of Venezuela’s illegitimate Constituent Assembly, and called for a “peaceful and negotiated solution” to the country’s crisis. As a research and advocacy organization that has opposed the unlawful creation…

4 min read

International Response to Constituent Assembly Election and Implications

The election undertaken by the Venezuelan government to impose a fraudulent Constituent Assembly has drawn a broad international response. The reactions, mostly by countries of the Western Hemisphere and Europe, can be divided into five categories. First, countries not recognizing the Assembly. Second, those only condemning it.  Third, countries which requested the election of the Assembly be postponed or not celebrated. Fourth, countries supporting the Constituent Assembly and fifth, countries avoiding any specific qualification of the Assembly but reiterating that a dialogue should take place to solve the crisis.

David Smilde

David Smilde

WOLA Senior Fellow and the Charles A. and Leo M. Favrot Professor of Human Relations at Tulane University

Geoff Ramsey

Geoff Ramsey

WOLA Associate for Venezuela