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Venezuela Weekly: Country’s Two Governments Sign Deal with Pan American Health Organization

The muted response reveals once again the political tight-rope walked by Juan Guaidó as he tries to attend to civil society and moderates’ demands to attend to the population’s needs, while keeping on board radicals who think any relief only helps Maduro. Opposition leader Antonio Ledezma, exiled in Madrid, tweeted that as long as Maduro's "poisonous regime" is in power "no health plan will be worthwhile."

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Venezuela Weekly: COVID-19 and Geopolitics

Rector of the Ándres Bello Catholic University Francisco Jose Virtuoso, S.J., said “a humanitarian agreement in Venezuela is urgent." He argued that the current Venezuelan crisis is an accumulation of various problems in almost all areas of the life in Venezuela that have worsened with the COVID-19 pandemic, and he is calling for an urgent political and humanitarian agreement.

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Venezuela Weekly: Despite Stalemate, Backchannel Contact Persists

News of secret negotiations and Norwegian involvement periodically emerges, generating expectations. However, insiders suggest that backchannel contact between the Guaidó and Maduro governments is frequent and that Norwegian diplomats have never stopped their contact with each side, despite formal talks being suspended in September. Given the way the COVID-19 pandemic is changing conditions, contacts solidifying into talks is always a possibility.