Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights: 2014 in Review

David Smilde

To end the year I’ve put together a selection of our most read posts of 2014. Of course if I really went strictly by the numbers all of them would come from February and March, at the height of the protest movement. Instead I’ve selected ten of our most read posts treating the leading issues of 2014.


February 13

Who Was Responsible for Yesterday’s Violence?

David Smilde


February 21

Protests in Abundance, Wisdom in Short Supply

Angel E Alvarez


February 25

Venezuelan Protests from the View of Western Caracas

Rebecca Hanson


March 12

La Desconfianza: the View from Western Caracas II

Rebecca Hanson


July 20

In the Face of Certainty, a Ritual Calendar Emerges

Hugo Pérez Hernáiz and David Smilde


September 9

Did Maduro Miss His Chance?

David Smilde and Dimitris Pantoulas


October 27

Removal of Minister Reveals Tenuous State Monopoly of Violence

David Smilde and Hugo Pérez Hernáiz


November 14

Human Rights NGOs Denounce Venezuelan Government in International Hearings

Hugo Pérez Hernaíz


December 12

More on the Effects of Targeted Sanctions

David Smilde


December 24

US Cuba Rapprochement Raises Questions about Venezuela

David Smilde, Geoff Thale and Timothy Gill