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Venezuela Weekly: Small Victories and Big Challenges as Opposition Confronts Normalcy

The opposition’s current problems are indicators of a conjuncture in which they need to decide, on multiple fronts, whether they are a temporary parallel government that seeks to dislodge Maduro through maximum pressure in the short-term, despite the costs on the Venezuelan people and the inevitable scandals involved in working through improvised institutions; or whether they are going to seek sustainability and prioritize the well-being of the Venezuelan people by reaching some sort of modus vivendi with the Maduro government, despite the costs of tacitly recognizing it.

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Region Seeks to Forge a Coordinated Solution to Venezuela’s Forced Migration Crisis: V Quito Meeting

While each country has its own unique domestic challenges to consider, participating countries will need to develop a mutually agreed-upon set of minimum standards for long-term access to basic services, labor markets, and regular status if they are to properly address the needs of fleeing Venezuelans in compliance with the obligations of the Cartagena Declaration.

Nov. 3
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With Creative Advocacy, Group Addresses Xenophobia on Brazil’s Border with Venezuela: Conectas Human Rights

Video from Brazilian journalist Shirley Rodrigues calling for solidarity with Venezuelan migrants and refugees.

In July of this year, WOLA traveled with several other human rights groups to Roraima state in Brazil to observe the situation of Venezuelan …