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Feb. 13
1 min read

Event Feb. 16 – Contending with Crisis: Venezuela’s Presidential Election and the International Response

Venezuelan electoral authorities have officially confirmed that the country will hold presidential elections on April 22 in accordance with a National Constituent Assembly decree that mandated a vote in the first four months of 2018. Please join us on Friday, Feb. 16 as we assess the situation with Mike McCarthy and David Smilde, two leading experts the upcoming elections and the role they will play in upholding Venezuelan democracy.

Feb. 12
2 min read

U.S. and International Community Should Pressure Venezuela in Coordination, Avoid Counterproductive Measures

(Version en Español) Washington, D.C.— On February 7, talks between the Venezuelan government and the opposition over the country’s ongoing political crisis were suspended, and the government of Nicolás Maduro is moving ahead with plans to hold presidential elections on April 22. Elections under rushed conditions without the 

Jan. 26
1 min read

Regional Human Rights Organizations: Venezuela Must Respect the People’s Right to Free and Fair Elections

On January 23, Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly (ANC) approved a decree that calls for presidential elections to be held by April 30, 2018. As organizations devoted to advancing human rights in the Americas, we are profoundly concerned by the announcement, and urge Venezuela’s electoral authorities to adhere to Venezuela’s constitution and ensure the fulfillment of Venezuelans’ fundamental right to elect a president in a process that is free, fair, and transparent.

Aug. 12
2 min read

Trump’s Talk of ‘Military Option’ on Venezuela Threatens Regional Diplomatic Progress

Washington, DC—Last night, President Donald Trump responded to a question on Venezuela by warning that his administration is considering “a possible military option” to address the country’s crisis. As an organization that has consistently advocated for a peaceful, democratic resolution of the situation in Venezuela, WOLA (the Washington Office on…

Aug. 10
2 min read

WOLA Applauds Regional Rejection of Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly, Calls for the Restoration of Democracy, and Regional Support for Negotiation

On August 8, representatives of 12 countries across the Americas issued a joint rejection of Venezuela’s illegitimate Constituent Assembly, and called for a “peaceful and negotiated solution” to the country’s crisis. As a research and advocacy organization that has opposed the unlawful creation…