Melissa Medina Márquez

Melissa Medina Márquez is the WOLA Venezuela and Drug Policy intern for Spring 2018.

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Adding to the Stress of Emigration from Venezuela: Passports hard to come by

As the state of the economy in Venezuela worsens and urgent needs for goods and services arise, citizens feel a growing pressure to emigrate. However, many have been forced to leave the country without a valid passport, and as a consequence, they are facing increasing challenges when seeking to regularize their situation in neighboring countries and exercise of their political rights in Venezuela from abroad.

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Notes from ‘Neither Free Nor Fair: What to do about Venezuela’s Presidential Elections?’

On February 21st, the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center hosted an event highlighting the uncertainty in Venezuela as the country prepares for presidential elections slated for April 22.  What follows is a collection of notes on the speakers’ remarks, gathered by WOLA Venezuela intern Melissa Medina Márquez. A…